Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hi all...I know some people maybe checking this for updated pictures but as usual McKay and I don't really ever take pictures and to be honest I HATE all pictures of myself right now. I am sure most of you that have been this pregnant before can understand. For those of you that didn't really put on much weight, you may feel different and good for you for having some level of self control. I haven't turned down a sweet in months so you can imagine. :)
Anyway we are a little over two weeks away at this point. I am having weekly appointments now but this week they didn't "check" me so I don't really have anything to report as far as if I am dilated and all that. I don't really care to be checked for that sort of thing so if they don't ask me, I don't ask them. It is a great set up! Some people may want to know every week about their progress, but I have known people that go in and their doc says nothing is really going on and they end up having their baby that week. Then I know people that walked around dilated to a 3 for weeks and still don't have their baby until after their due date. So for me I am not so concerned. At this point if I could bet on it I would bet on going over. My two sisters that had boys first were over due by 2 weeks, well one was actually 18 days...YIKES! Good thing my doc won't let it go past a week over...the bad thing he won't induce any earlier either. :( So if this little guy doesn't come on his own, we'll have him around the 11th or 12th of Sept. I still like to go with the 4th in my head though, I haven't given up on that yet.
We still have no name...not even an official top three. I have always been a procrastinator, but I always thought that we would have something figured out by now. Oh well. Hopefully we can come up with something before we leave the hospital.
Well maybe if you are lucky I'll just take a picture of the belly progress with out my chubby face and post it. If not I'll post a pic of me in 6 months hopefully back to my regular self. :) J/k