Monday, September 28, 2009

Carters 1st Birthday

Well Carter turned 1 year old a month ago yesterday so I thought I should finally post the pics. We were lucky enough to be in Portland for the special day. It was a lot of fun to share his first Birthday with the family up there. My sisters and their families came over and we all had a lot of fun!

Carter is pretty excited about all his presents!

I was surprised that he actually opened each gift. I thought he'd be too distracted but he did great!

So happy about all his awesome presents. He is clapping in this picture and you can be sure that there were about 15 other people on the other side of this camera clapping back at him, which he thought was pretty awesome.

Of course the boxes were a lot of fun too.

It is time for cake can you tell this one is excited!

First taste.

Now he is into it pretty good!

Mmmmm more Cake.

And a happy little 1 Year old to finish off the post!

Everything else with us is going well! Carter still isn't walking on his own. He loves to walk all around as long as he has one of his little walkers, furniture or a hand to hang onto. Other than that he is your typical 1 year old, finding attitude, getting into everything, trying to figure out a new nap routine and emptying out drawers though out the house.

The pregnancy is going well, we had our ultra sound last week and everything looked great. If you haven't heard we are having a girl, and even though we were hoping for another little boy we are excited about having a girl. :) It has made everything all the more real as I now have to actually think about names and what we need for her. I have a few names in mind but McKay hasn't given me any thoughts on them. I changed my mind so much with Carter, that I doubt we'll decide on a name any time soon. It took us until Carter was two days old to finally decide on his.

So that is about it for us. September was busy and I can't believe it is almost over. McKay has been working a lot again and also has had a few other things going on so we haven't seen a whole lot of him lately. We are taking a little three day trip in October so that will be nice to have that time with him around. Then he gets to go hunting for a week which he is pretty happy about. It sounds like I am going to get a few visitors during October too, which always brightens my world!! Well we hope all is well with you all! Take care.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Alyssa's wedding

Well I thought I would finally update with at least my little sisters wedding pics. Things have been going well around here. August was a quick month. I left for Portland on the 15th of August so I could help out with anything that my mom and sister may have needed the week before the wedding. I didn't come back to Utah until September 1st. It was so nice to be able to spend so much time with my family. I just wish I could have had some time to see some friends but that didn't happen on this trip.
The day after the wedding McKay and I went to my sister Rachelle's and watched her 4 girls the rest of the time we were there. Turns out entertaining 5 total kids and me being prego ended up in not much extra time. We had a lot of fun with the girls while we were there but I was too tired to do anything once the evening hit. But it was all worth it. The wedding was perfect and I had a lot of fun the whole time I was in town!!

On to the pics. I don't have very many as I was more distracted with what was going on that day.

Alyssa and her bridesmaids, her friend Karen and then our nieces Macey, Olivia and Ashlyn.

All the girls in the wedding party. The three little ones are my other three nieces, they were all three flower girls. Alyssa was sweet enough to have all 6 nieces in the wedding and each of them just LOVED it!!

Dad, Mom and Sys

Ashlyn, Macey and Olivia

Miss cute and so funny!

Dad and the girls

Mr. Carter head waiting for the festivities to start

Fred and Alyssa's first dance

Macey and my grandpa is in the red tie to her right

Me and Sys

Fred chatting with Carter

Carter and Sys...oh how cute!

As I mentioned the wedding was perfect. Alyssa was beautiful and the day went great! She got married outside at the same place McKay and I had our reception. It was a really pretty spot, we got married in December so I never looked at the grounds, it was dark, plus it was December and cold. Anyway we are so happy for Alyssa and Fred, they are a great couple and we love them both!