Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So I finally got some of the pictures from our trip to upload, so this will have to do for now. We took a three day trip about a month ago through Central Utah. We caught the end of some of the leaves changing down there, it was so pretty! We had a great time seeing the sites, hiking and driving around. I hadn't been to this part of Utah before, it was really pretty...just as much to see there as going to Zion National Park but you can drive and hike without the restrictions of the national park.

We did a 6 mile hike (round trip) to a water fall, this is where Carter got a break from the back pack...he ended up being a great hiker!

Here we are at the waterfall.

Carter pointing at the waterfall.

So we did struggle a little with Carter in the car because he doesn't sleep well in his car we were SO happy that he seemed to sleep just fine in the pack on McKay's back. It would have been a LONG 6 mile hike if he hadn't slept for almost half of it!

Just some nice pics

On the hike

Carter playing with his toys on the drive down.

This was in a really pretty canyon we drove through...I had more pics but they aren't uploading.

Same as above.

Maybe I'll post more pictures when I can...I don't have the patience when it keeps erroring out though!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Well we actually did a lot this past month! I have been trying to update with pictures but blogger keeps telling me there is an error. We went on a little three day trip, McKay went hunting and got his first deer. We did the Pumpkin Patch with Carter and then of course Halloween. One day when I can get pictures to upload you'll be able to see all the fun we've had for yourselves!! :) Good day.