Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So I am really just not much of a blogger as you can see. Well we have been busy the past few months with Sylvie and Carter. Both are growing like weeds, changing weekly and getting cuter as the days go on. We have been sick a bit which gets old really fast and seems to always hit when McKay is at work. We were lucky enough to take a couple of trips in May. First we flew to Portland for the weekend. I wished it could have been longer but at least we got to go. We had a great time with the fam while we were there. We were able to see one of my nieces in her play, she was Toto in the Wizard of Oz. Then the next day we were able to go to my other nieces baptism. It was awesome Rachelle's two older girls gave the talks and Josie, the youngest, sang a special number. It was so fun to see them all in action!

We flew home from Portland on Sunday night, were home Monday and then left Tuesday morning for Tucson. McKay's sister lives down there. We were able to see an old friend of McKay's in Phoenix and I was able to shop at H&M in Scottsdale. We went to his nephews baptism that weekend and spent some time with the Wadley clan. It was fun. Then we headed off just our little family of 4 to San Diego. I love that city! We actually stayed in Sonora Beach which is a great little town on the 101. We went to the San Diego Zoo one day and toured the USS Midway another day. We ate at some delicious places that we looked up online under Diners Drive in's and Dives. It is a great way to find places to eat while traveling and while at home. It was a fun trip and the kids traveled amazingly well! Anyway below are pictures from the zoo and maybe some day I'll add some from the past couple of months as well as the rest of our trip. :)