Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3 Weeks in...

So we are officially three weeks into parenthood today. So far things are pretty good. Carter has a night every once in a while where he doesn't sleep quite as well but those have been survivable. The past week he has been sleeping pretty good, he is getting up every three hours to eat still. So mom still gets a little tired here and there. It is nice to have so much time off of work, there is noway I am ready to be anywhere by 8:00am. I have a hard time getting out of the house by Noon right now. I am sure that once Carter starts sleeping longer at night that I figure out how exactly to get myself and a baby out the door by a certain time. For now I am taking advantage and trying to just sleep as long as he does in the morning.
We took Carter in for his 2 week appointment last week and he weighed in at 6 lbs 6 Oz and at 20 inches long.  We asked the nurse, you mean he grew 2 inches in two weeks, she said no, that the hospital doesn't usually get the best of measurements right after they are born.  So he was probably closer to 20 inches instead of the 18 they measured at birth.  They were happy with his progress since he is back over his birth weight but still pretty tiny!  He is slowly looking like he is putting meat on his bones.  It is hard to tell when you see him all day every day though.  Below are a few of the pictures we have taken over the past couple of weeks.

After bath time...if you think he is asleep he is not, I just put in his bink and when he is really upset and crying this is what he looks like once that bink is in place.

McKay has discovered that he'll latch onto his nose if he is really hungry.

I guess he is still pretty skinny by the looks of this picture. You can see Grif at the top of this picture smelling him.  The dogs still like to smell him a couple of times a day, or whenever someone comes over and holds him.

McKays Fire Captain and his wife came down last week on their Harley's, they thought Carter was so small he could fit in one of their saddle bags so we tried it out and he fit perfect.

He seemed pretty content once inside too.  No worries they didn't drive anywhere with him in there.  This is his Captain's wife's Harley, it was pretty nice.  It actually made me think twice about not wanting McKay to have one.  It would be fun to have, it may even be fun to learn to ride one myself!!  Maybe when I am a little older....oh and we have the money to get some sort of bike.
Well things really are going well!  I just had my first 2 days without McKay or my parents around, he went to work this week.  It went really well actually.  By the second day it was routine just like before I had a kid.  Now I have the company of Carter, Griffin and Miles while McKay is away.  It isn't so bad. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The home coming

I didn't add these to the last post because it takes to long to upload pictures, so I'll slowly add them as time and alertness allows.  So we made through week 1 pretty well.  So far Carter just eats, sleeps and poops.  Not so bad.  I have been really tired the last day or two.  I thought I was feeling up to some closet cleaning and a walk to Ripples which is just one block away yesterday but it did me in.  I am still extra tired today, I guess I didn't realize how much the whole c-section, lack of sleep, caring for a new little one can take out of you!  I can't wait to at least be past the effects of the c-section so I can at least get out for walks in the nice weather we are having right now.  Anyway below are some pictures of Carters home coming and meet and greet with Griffin and Miles.  

When we got home I came inside first since I had been gone for 4 days I thought it would be better if I came in and gave the dogs a little attention before McKay brought Carter in.
We just set him down and let them sniff things out.  It is really amazing how dogs can be different when a baby is around.  They would sniff him all over, and still do, but they never try to lick him.  If anyone knows Griffin they know that he tries to lick anyone that will let him.  I have been impressed with the fact that he has not once done that with Carter.
Time for the full evalution.
Of course Miles being Miles lost interest faster than Grif...I am sure there was some fly sworm he had to attend to.  They still have to sniff Carter out once or twice a day.

Just another sweet picture of our little boy.  I just can't get enough of him, as tiring as this whole thing is, it is the best thing ever!  Thankfully my parents are still here helping out, McKay went back to work yesterday, so it has been nice to still have some help!!

Speaking of that little boy he just yelled out for me, so back to the grind.

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Edition to the Wadsquad: Carter Adam

On August 27th at 2:38 a.m. we were blessed with the arrival of Carter Adam: all 6 lbs., 18 inches of him. He looked all gooey and gross at first and daddy wanted to throw him back because he was such a small one. However, the nurses quickly cleaned him off and under all that afterbirth was love at first sight. Like a butterfly emerging from a cacoon, a cute little boy emerged from something so alienesque. Denene and I are in for a grand adventure. Mommy's doing great so far, but daddy has a hard time with the diapers. When it's time for changing, every time without fail, daddy removes the old diaper just in time for Carter to switch on the pump and UH OH! FULL ALERT!pepe everywhere! I think he's going to be a fireman like daddy. Come to find out, sometimes the small fish are keepers! Carter Adam welcome to the family!

McKay wrote the above so I am just going to add in some pictures.  We are so happy to have Carter here with us.  He is so cute and so sweet, we just can't get enough of him.  He is worth the sleepless nights.  For those that don't know I ended up having to have a C-Section because of some blood pressure issues that came up last week and then Carter's heart rate started to drop with each contraction I had.  Thank goodness I have a great doctor that wanted to ensure that Carter got here as healthy as possible and he decided a c-section was the best way to achieve that.  It is a lot to recover from but so worth a healthy, happy little guy.

Below are various we have taken over the past week

The dogs are doing great with the whole transition...they are just a little sleep deprived like us.

Dad and two handsome guys!
This is to give everyone an idea of how little our little guy is.

Naked sister Erika took a lot of these pictures while she was here and they turned out so good!!!  Thanks Erika!

Side profile

Hi everyone I am so happy to be here with my mom and dad!!!
Carter right after they got him breathing...he scared us for the first few moments.
Everyone wanted a prego picture of me...well thank goodness I had McKay take one last weekend or I wouldn't have had one to share.  This is me three days before Carter arrived.

I love this pic he looks like a frog!
Carter is looking a little grey, the nurses took him from us at this point to get him more oxygen.  This is our first family picture with me still getting worked on, on the operating table.
Final picture for now...Carter one day old.

Thanks for everyone that has been so kind to help us on our little adventure.  We are excited to keep you up to date with the going ons of the Wadley family.  We are truely blessed.  I have been so lucky to have 3 of my 4 sisters come this week as well as my parents.  With the c-section it has been so nice to have them here helping with laundry, baby, meals and advise.