Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So we haven't updated in a little while. I am still just a little too busy for this blogging thing. Work is going well. I actually enjoy being back at work, I really thought that I would hate it after having Carter. But I actually think that I like it even more, I know weird! I don't love leaving Carter but it seems to be working out really well leaving him with Emily a few times a week. McKay still has him a couple of times a week as well.

Last week I came home at lunch and Carter was outside in his carseat while his dad was working in the back yard. He looked so cute with his little brown beanie hat and cute shirt....then I took off the blanket and saw that McKay then proceeded to dress him in green plaid pants and green socks. I said, "what is this McKay?? This does not match at ALL." Usually McKay dresses him just fine but he just said "what? What's wrong with what he has on? The pants have blue in them and so does the shirt." I just thought to myself he can't be serious. Then after I gave him some crap he finally admitted that he saw the pants and saw that they were from Pottery Barn for kids and figured they cost way too much money. So he put them on Carter so they got at least one more use because they are getting too small. It is always about money...I was like seriously??? I paid like $6.00 for those. That is why I got them. Anyway as you can see in the below picture, Carter also wasn't pleased with the choice of wardrobe his dad picked that day! :)

Carter sporting a sweet outfit thanks to his dad!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a good one. We had a first, McKay worked at the Fire Station that day. So Carter and I got in the car and drove up to Park City to spend our Thanksgiving with McKay and his crew. It was really good. We had all the basic Thanksgiving foods and that was good enough for me. We were the only family that showed up, the other crew members families already had plans. So it was just me eating with McKay and his crew. It was fun though. It was nice to be able to just relax and spend time with McKay. Of course since we were at the fire station we took a couple of pics of Carter around the place.

Carter driving the Engine like his dad. Their Engineer was gone so McKay was driving that day.

Big shoes to fill!!! Here is Carter in McKay's boots.

McKay loves to balance Carter on his hand... I was a little nervous at first, but have gotten used to it. I tried it myself and realized that he is pretty sturdy.

Here's our little family by the engine Thanksgiving Day.

We were able to spend the next day with McKay's family, his sister was in town with her family so we all had dinner together. It was so good to spend time with all of them. After we ate, all the girls went and saw Twillight. It was pretty good, I didn't go in with any expectations, and I thought they followed the book pretty well. I am not one of those that really gets over the top about books and movies, so I wasn't even sure I was going to see this one. But now I am glad I saw it.

So things with us are good. McKay is busy trying to build up his side business. He is currently working on a remodel for some people in our ward and sounds like he's got a couple of other jobs lined up. He manages to do this as well as have Carter a couple of days a week, Fire and still does his glass installation job when they need help. Also did I mention he cooks dinner almost every night??? Seriously what a guy!! I really can't complain!

We are looking forward to spending the Christmas Holiday with my family in Portland! We are excited for Carter to meet the rest of his Uncles, Aunt, cousins and Great Grandparents!!! We are driving up, so I am hoping the decent weather we have had so far this winter will continue! I have never driven home at this time of year because of weather, but with Carter, all his stuff and 2 dogs, the decision was made to just drive. That way we don't have to dump the dogs on people when they already have to much going on for the holidays. And with the gas prices dropping so much, we are pretty happy that we made the choice to drive!!! We were paying $3.00 more a gallon when we took our trip this summer...that is just crazy!

Anyway we hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday!