Thursday, December 10, 2009

Halloween a little late...

For some reason I thought I posted Carters Halloween pics on here, but I guess I didn't. Carter was a turtle this year and really liked wearing his costume. I thought he would hate the hood as we can rarely keep a hat on him, but he loved it. We didn't do any trick or treating since Carter doesn't eat candy what is the point right? Maybe next year we'll take him around the block or something. Anyway we stayed home all evening and handed out candy to the neighbor kids, I always love to see them all dressed up.

Here is our little turtle:

Checking out what is inside the pumpkin making it glow so pretty.

Listening to mom telling him to put the lid back on and obeying.

Happy Halloween!

I loved the tail in the back of the turtle vest, I think it is my favorite part!

Carter with a couple of the pumpkins.

Since Halloween we have been to Portland for Thanksgiving. We had a great trip, Carter and I flew up and McKay drove up with the dogs a day later. Then we all drove home together, which we did all in one day. I thought we were going to regret doing that but it wasn't bad at all. Carter was a champ and hardly complained much at all. It took 14 hours because we stopped for a lot longer than usual so Carter could walk around and so I wouldn't get too swollen.

I got to spend a lot of time with my siblings, their families and my parents which I always love! I made it to a Blazer game...they lost pretty bad, but it was still nice to go to one game this season! I also made it to the Montage to eat dinner one night, it was great! I haven't been there in years so I was so happy to make a trip down there with McKay. He had never been and really liked it. My sisters threw a baby shower for me too, which was great. Thanks to all those that came! It was so good to see and visit with everyone! And we really appreciate the gifts, it has already helped us a ton in preparing for the baby girl!!

If you hadn't noticed there are no pictures from our Portland trip, that is because I forgot the camera...oops. Well we hope that everyone is doing well and that you are enjoying your holiday season!